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50p a week stops 99% of nuisance calls, instantly!

In the UK, there are two million nuisance calls every day and over 80,000 people complain about unwanted calls each month.  Along with BT, Talk Talk, Virgin, the Government, OFCOM and the Police, we are working to stop them. So we started a COMMUNITY AGAINST NUISANCE CALLS campaign.  We ask each member to use our device to block the caller for themselves.  The device also tells all other Community members of the nuisance numbers and blocks them for everyone.  You don't have to do anything.  The system updates everyone automatically.  In that way, we've blocked the nuisance call before you receive it!

The Community CallBLOCKER is simple, affordable and very effective at stopping nuisance callers, for good.  From just £2 a month, with no upfront cost and a wide range of features, the Community CallBlocker blocks 99% of unwanted calls as soon as it is connected.

Don’t be a victim. 

Join our Community and Campaign Against Nuisance Calls.

How does the Community CallBlocker work?

Our Community of users block nuisance calls for you.  When 10 members of the Community block a calling number, we block it for the whole Community - including you! 

The whole of our Community will be blocking nuisance callers so you can sit back and enjoy the ... peace and silence. Neat!

It’s easy to install.  Simply plug the device in between your phone and the wall socket.  

And it's super simple to use. Your device will talk you through the set-up process – no fiddly set-up, and no complicated instruction manual.

The Community CallBlocker comes in one box and three levels of service that you choose according to the service quality and strength you require.  You can upgrade FREE to higher quality service levels at any time.

How effective is the Community CallBlocker?

A united focussed Community effort is by far and away the best method for stopping all nuisance calls. 

INSTANT PROTECTION: It eliminates 99% of all telesales and marketing calls as soon as you plug it in.  The Community blocks for you; you block for the Community. We have great strength and safety in numbers.  The Community has already blocked tens of thousand of numbers!  You get these on start-up.


You have the option to record your calls for the Police and OFCOM.

Violent and threatening callers - never get through again.

Stops silent and scam calls.