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Introducing the Nuisance CallBLOCKING Community 

Where we Protect Each Other from Nuisance Calls

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How it works

In our Community, we block nuisance callers for each other.  Our Community has already identified and blocked tens of thousands of numbers!  You get these on start-up so you can sit back and relax.  Most of our new users never receive a nuisance call again.  We welcome new members who want to join us and help stop nuisance calls once and for all.  For more information click here.


The most advanced CallBLOCKER in the world.

Stops 99% of telesales, scam, harassment and silent calls.

Your answerphone will be free of nuisance call messages.

Call recording as evidence against threatening and scam callers.

Detects a range of fraudulent phone scams automatically.

Community members block and update nuisance numbers for each other.

Limited Time Pre-Order Price: £39.99

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