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Joining the CallBLOCKING Community is simple, affordable and the most effective way to stop nuisance calls.  Over 99% of marketing, scam and survey calls are stopped.

What you need to know

Blocks 99% of marketing, scam and survey calls

From only £4 a month, with no upfront cost and a wide range of features 

It’s easy to install.  Simply plug the device in between your phone and the wall socket, pick up the phone and device will talk you through the set-up process - no fiddly set-up, and no complicated instruction manual.

Doesn't require a mains power socket it runs exclusively off your phone line

Friends and family are automatically recognised after their first call, without you having to do anything, and are automatically put through thereafter.

Additional features include call recording for threatening callers, fraud detection and prevention, and an ansaphone.

How it works

In our Community we block nuisance callers for each other.  Most of our new users never receive a nuisance call again.

Each member connects their CallBlocker and presses ## on their phone keypad to block and save nuisance numbers that disturb them at home.  Our system recognises common numbers being blocked by community members. Those numbers are then automatically blocked for everyone else in the community before they are disturbed.  

Our Community has already identified and blocked tens of thousands of numbers!  You get these on start-up so you can sit back and relax.

We welcome new members who want to join us and help stop nuisance calls once and for all.